Friday, July 17, 2009

Red Wing Shoes Wabasha Collection - NICE!


Tour de France enters the second week


Plant Pod

plant pod adams amy perch design

Designed by:
Amy Adams
Made by:

It drains. It holds. It’s two, two, two pods in one! Put your indoor plant in this hanging piece and water it without worrying about drip stains on the hardwood. Leather cords provide a classy update on Granny’s macramé.

Ironman 2!


The mystery of the Major League Baseball logo designer

Major League BaseballJerry Dior

Here's Jerry Dior, posing next to the logo he created.

Protector and Ribcraft!! I would love to have one of these!

Street Style - Vote For The Best Look? yalls thoughts ?? (this is your dude grey..)

ParisL.ALondonBuenos Aires

Ford F-350 2010 tonka truck... ok thats nasty..

Spy Shots: Rolls-Royce Ghost Prototype WOW!


Back at this year's Geneva Motor Show, Rolls-Royce debuted their 200EX sedan, which was later renamed the Ghost. It appears that the baby Roller is getting closer and closer to production, seen here in this latest batch of spy shots. (We must point out that our spy photographer so elegantly referred to this series as "Rolls-Royce Ghost in White.")

According to earlier data, the Ghost will be built on the same platform as the BMW 7-Series and will more than likely compete with the Bentley Continental. No word yet on when we might see the official debut of the production model, but we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, scroll through our images above to see the latest prototype shots of the Rolls-Royce Ghost.

this is the only grill I need...but i would not mind if the bottom was rose gold..The Don would be proud.

" Whether a tree burns in your fireplace or decomposes in the forest, it will release the same amount of carbon into the environment...fossil fuel can make no such claim." -National Geographic's Green Guide

" ...the combustion of wood for energy production is essentially carbon dioxide neutral when the normal forest regeneration period is considered. When wood combustion replaces the consumption of fossil fuels, however, the net reduction in carbon dioxide release is almost immediate." -The Green Trust

" When the tree falls and decays in the forest, or is processed into firewood and burned, carbon is released again to the atmosphere. This cycle can be repeated forever without increasing atmospheric carbon. When the use of wood for energy displaces the use of fossil fuels, the result is a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions." -The Green Living Journal

Perfectly good, renewable grill wood is literally falling from the trees around you. When you are ready for a real treat try fruit or nut woods. Apple, plum and cherry branches are our favorites so we gather, season and size fallen branches every season from the orchards near our shops. You can order a supply in our store - we stock depending on what our orchardists have available.

On top of the flavor and purity of using wood, we simply think gathering around an honest-to-goodness crackling grill fire at the end of the day can't be beat on any level.

Grillworks Inc
Natural Foods Deserve Natural Fuels

Bottom freezer refrigerators - Liebherr fridge freezer


The innovative Liebherr fridge freezer, CBNes 3967 offers advanced BioFreshPlus technology that allows you to store food in 3 different climate zones - DrySafe with low humidity for meat and dairy products, HydroSafe with high humidity for fruit and vegetables and upper compartment with temperature as low as -2°C for fish and meat storage. As with other bottom freezer refrigerators by Liebherr, touch operated LCD display provides easy menu navigation and lets you control external devices. The 274 litre fridge compartment capacity saves you few trips for groceries as you can store rather large quantity of food that lasts longer, due to the fact this Liebherr refrigerator comes with the 93 litre cold storage compartment. Add to this large 111 litre bottom freezer which can freeze 14 kg of food in just 24 hours, 'A+' energy efficiency rating, noFrost feature, auto defrosting, interchangeable door hinges, sleek stainless steel exterior, and stainless steel slimline door handle with integrated opening mechanism - and you have one of more versatile and convenient performance-oriented bottom freezer refrigerators available on European market.

rare Archival 70’s Pantone Bomber

A Bathing Ape x Ghostbusters Part 2

a bathing ape ghostbusters part 2 3 A Bathing Ape x Ghostbusters Part 2a bathing ape ghostbusters part 2 7 A Bathing Ape x Ghostbusters Part 2

A Bathing Ape 1st Camo Shop Polo

a bathing ape 1st camo shop polo 2 A Bathing Ape 1st Camo Shop Polo

a bathing ape 1st camo shop polo 1 A Bathing Ape 1st Camo Shop Polo

A Bathing Ape are reissuing perhaps their most iconic piece in the upcoming release of a series of “1st Camo” Shop Polos. For the brand which almost single handedly rose to prominence with their re-appropriation of this traditional military theme, they will provide a series of different colors for each Bape Shop around the world. The polos will release on July 18th at Bape Shops.

Resident Evil Comic-Con T-Shirt


The idea of 't-shirt transformation "already carried out by many felt butteurs, was taken by Comic-Con to create a t-shirt event for the release of the Nintendo game" Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles ". Se prendre pour un mort-vivant en moins d'une seconde chrono, c'est banco pour la promo ! Taking a living dead in less than a second time is for the promo banco!

The toothbrush economical


Gina's back... looks like is could be real this time.

BMW Concept Car: GINA from 12FRAMES on Vimeo.