Friday, July 17, 2009

this is the only grill I need...but i would not mind if the bottom was rose gold..The Don would be proud.

" Whether a tree burns in your fireplace or decomposes in the forest, it will release the same amount of carbon into the environment...fossil fuel can make no such claim." -National Geographic's Green Guide

" ...the combustion of wood for energy production is essentially carbon dioxide neutral when the normal forest regeneration period is considered. When wood combustion replaces the consumption of fossil fuels, however, the net reduction in carbon dioxide release is almost immediate." -The Green Trust

" When the tree falls and decays in the forest, or is processed into firewood and burned, carbon is released again to the atmosphere. This cycle can be repeated forever without increasing atmospheric carbon. When the use of wood for energy displaces the use of fossil fuels, the result is a net reduction in greenhouse gas emissions." -The Green Living Journal

Perfectly good, renewable grill wood is literally falling from the trees around you. When you are ready for a real treat try fruit or nut woods. Apple, plum and cherry branches are our favorites so we gather, season and size fallen branches every season from the orchards near our shops. You can order a supply in our store - we stock depending on what our orchardists have available.

On top of the flavor and purity of using wood, we simply think gathering around an honest-to-goodness crackling grill fire at the end of the day can't be beat on any level.

Grillworks Inc
Natural Foods Deserve Natural Fuels

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