Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crooks & Castles’ newest retail venture...all american made..!!YES


All the product for this particular shop is made domestically, as can be seen from this custom label on the garments. It’s a brave task, and can be costly, but Dennis says it hearkens back to their days at his previous brand Landscape, when everything was designed, sourced, and produced right here in Los Angeles.crooksconcept_thehundreds7crooksconcept_thehundreds12

80% sure of 4 more months before Apple's Tablet hit's

DJ Hero goes renegade with premium edition turntable, DJ stand

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

this is the old school joint..

Kinston Indians (NAVY/RED)

Look for J Cole!

Jermaine Cole was born in Frankfurt, West Germany. Cole moved to Fayetteville, North Carolina - St. John's University The Come Up in late 2007. Jay-Z signed J. Cole after hearing "Lights Please" and immediately contacted him. He released his second official mixtape, The Warm Up, on June 14, 2009. at the age of 1 where he was raised by his mother. Cole graduated from Magna Cum Laude. J. Cole has said that he only went to school in New York to pursue a record deal, J. Cole released his debut mixtape

Clamped table by Ryan Sorrell


house design/interesting home by modern belgian


I want a V for Vendetta mask


New Atlantis WeatherGear - Aegis line.

After going to the GYM this Morning I had the urge for a...

Burger King Burger King sausage, egg, and cheese croissant

Burger King

Croissan'Wich w/Sausage, Egg and Cheese

Dont worry I didn't get one - but damn, look at the nutrition facts!! And you get 2, for 2.22!! I think they really do want to keep us fat and unhealthy.. Think about it..

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 159g

Amount per Serving

Calories 470 Calories from Fat 350

% Daily Value *
Total Fat 32g49%
Saturated Fat 11g55%
Monounsaturated Fat 0g
Polyunsaturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 210mg70%
Sodium 1060mg44%
Potassium 0mg0%
Total Carbohydrate 26g9%
Dietary Fiber 0g0%
Sugars 5g
Protein 19g38%

Vitamin ANULL
Vitamin CNULL

Est. Percent of Calories from:
Fat 61.3% Carbs 22.1%
Protein 16.2%

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Royston Landscape Watch from the 16th Collection


I would roc this in your face...with seersucker dunny - Rare Archival Deadstock Malcolm X Digital Kinte Tee

DELUXE F/W 2009 - what up Haro!?


which one is best?

Arhus (Denmark)Sao Paulo - The Sartorialist

Skin Tatoo, Gina get this..


Shade by Christopher Moulder


Cuisinart soup maker - Gina you cant have this, even if it comes in red.


The new Cuisinart soup maker should be an instant success the minute it hits the stores this September. The innovative soup maker is extremely easy to use, and you can make fresh hot soup, with no added preservatives in 20 minutes from start to finish. Cuisinart integrated rapid heating element lets you get started in seconds while its non-stick cooking plate helps stop food from sticking and makes cleaning easy. Just set your cooking time, select the medium temperature setting and gently fry any base ingredients, such as garlic and onions until soft on the non stick cooking plate. Then mix them with soup maker stir function and add all your other ingredients like vegetables and seasoning, mix again. Now this Cuisinart soup maker is ready to go in earnest. Set it on a high heat and bring to the boil. Once boiled reduce the heat to simmer, set the timer and leave to cook. Once cooked use the powerful blend function to get your soup to your preferred consistency and it is ready. Pour the hot soup from the glass jar into your bowls and eat.

Air max ST Dark Grey.. like the name


Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder - damn....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Umbrella Skirt

Before & After: Help Remedies

All productsHeadache frontHelpHeadache_highres-2

Ocean Front Residence by Grant + Sinclair Architects


fake nike air yeezy's ?? some of the bottoms say jordan!

Nike Air Yeezy 017Nike Air Yeezy 04Nike Air Yeezy 021Nike Air Yeezy 015

First Look at the Air Jordan XXV 25


Here’s a first look at the upcoming Air Jordan XXV 25 (or it can be the Air Jordan 2010). From the design you can see that there has been a lot of ideas used from past Jordans. All we know is that the more years go by the less Jordan brand seems care about the style of the shoe. The brand it self has now become more of a high performance shoe brand than anything. Hopefully Jordan brand will consider to do some changes to the design before this is set to be released.