Friday, November 14, 2008

Nike Air Classic BW - Nintendo

(Image is EVERYTHING!!) Anthony's Mini Garage

Anthony’s Mini Garage Winery is an ingenious gourmet food and drink brand designed by KOREFE with a unique mechanical theme. The line has cooking oils called, “turbo”, “radical” and “ultra”, all packaged in chic trigger-handled motor oil cans. Four bottles of rosé wine are presented in a stylish pink mechanics toolbox; fit for the most glamorous tool hound. Yummy ‘Gummi’ wine flavored candies are made in the shapes of nuts, bolts and washers. Anthony’s line of Schnapps called “Super K, W or Z” comes in tradition oil tin cans decorated with modern graphic designs.

Pandora by Sander Mulder

Sander Mulder's latest designs include Pandora, shown above, a storage system inspired by shipping containers. The powdercoated steel modules can be stacked, set on their side and used in umpteen colour combinations, much as they appear in harbours around the world. In addition to this personal container terminal, Mulder presents Carat, a lampshade of 54 facets available as a pendant or floor lamp. The Crow trestle table balances on nature's design and the U-tube, homage to an industrial archetype, comes as a candleholder or an oil lamp.

Beach Cocoon