Friday, March 26, 2010

blue gold! very interesting

A Bathing Ape x United Arrows – Mr. Bathing Ape

You would think that A Bathing Ape (BAPE) can make their own upscale men’s line, but for Mr. Bathing Ape they had to tap the talents of United Arrows. This small collection sees classic menswear with subtle hints of BAPE, along with a new logo featuring the BAPE head with a mustache. The button-downs have the mustache monogrammed on the pocket, while the sport jacket is lined with BAPE camouflage, and the ties come in BAPE camo or with an all-over BAPE logo print.bapeunitedarrows



Earlier this month over 100,000 businesses around the country received a QR code sticker from Google that looks like the one here. These stickers were sent to the most popular businesses in Google's Local Business Center database. The idea is for companies to stick this postcard sized sticker in their front window.

I have written about QR codes before here and here. For a quick recap, QR codes are two dimensional barcodes that use the cameras in smartphones to direct people to web sites. You can see the QR code in the bottom right corner of Google's sticker. QR codes are very popular in Japan, and no doubt after this move by Google they will become more popular in this country.

Why would Google spend all this money sending these stickers out for free? Of course, they want more traffic to their web site. When you scan the QR code in these stickers, it takes you to the local listing for the business on Google with reviews, photos, and perhaps coupons.

It will be interesting to see how much this really spurs adoption of QR codes here. I can see a day in the not too distant future where most businesses have one of these stickers in their front window.

Now, you don't have to wait for Google to send you one, you can create your own QR code sticker that directs people to your web site right now. You can create a graphic file of your QR code by using a QR code generator site such as Delivr or Kaywa. Then you can print it yourself or, of course, Lightning Labels will be happy to print these stickers for you.

waste not!


Bell & Ross Vintage BR Carbon Series


Bell & Ross unveil two new watches from its Vintage BR Carbon Series– the Chronograph BR 126 and the Vintage BR 123. Both take on timeless styling with the incorporation of 41mm casings, glass bead blasted stainless steel with vacuum carbon black finishes, and natural leather straps, adding a distinctly sophisticated appeal.

ok go!! dope video! James, please explain how they did this? thanks management!

Archival RLPC67 Lo Racing Tank $375!!! - its super wack!!

Drake x Gourmet X Lupe



The Summerwind armchair is an outdoor piece of furniture that you can use as usually in the garden, on the terrace, and you can also use it in your swimming pool, in the water. Indeed it uses the same technique of manufacturing as the maritime buoys, that is to say roto molding.
The armrests of the chair help for the flotation and for the balance of it on the water. Also, the small holes at the back allows water to come inside the seat to get the whole set stable.

Designer: John Nouanesing (France)
Material: HD polyethylene

stalley!! yes sir

Stalley Performance in Austin , SXSW 2010 from BAG Presents on Vimeo.

Mercedes' new E63

Mercedes' new E63 AMG has evolved from an independent tuning company to a core Mercedes subsidiary, a highly profitable tranche of the business devoted to turning out swift and bespoke variants of the company's core production models.Mercedes-Benz

a model wrote this! wow!

beautiful dirty rich


open bars
free dinners
parties every day of the week
[but no boys allowed]
and you can only bring your friends if they're models too.
and oysters.
all the pills you can swallow
powder served on plates
"hey, do you need a place to lie down because i have 5 guest rooms if you do."
"hey, can i fuck you and your girl friend, please and thank you."


now you're in hollywood.

Band of Outsider for Sperry Topsider Checker Pack Spring/Summer 2010

Band of Outsider for Sperry Topsider Checker Pack Spring/Summer 2010

WOW!!!! we can control live bacteria now!!