Wednesday, May 13, 2009

dj jeff Battle - I hope your ready

DJ Hero Coming In Fall 2009

There was speculation about a DJ-version of Guitar Hero, but today it was confirmed. Activision will be releasing DJ Hero later this year with a turntable controller and the ability to mix your favorite hip-hop, R&B, Motown, electronica and dance. Stay tuned for more details.


Nike Air Max 90 Kaws

The super-limited Nike Air Max 90 Kaws are on ShoeTrends for a measly $150. Do not sleep as people camped out for this release and prices have gone upwards to around $350 elsewhere.

damn you grey!!! more news in 59/50

Mark you need this for ECU games!!

RED!!! - illy!

EpicRed_oneGame changers: RED digital cinema cameras! (Tech!!)
I think it was James over at Swirl films, mentioned to me this company called 'RED' that makes unbelievably high quality digital video cameras for equally unbelievably low prices. Allowing film-making shops to literally own the digital equipment at prices they were paying to rent real-film equipment for a week. The prices were still far beyond what the average consumer could afford - so aspiring, and starving, film-makers weren't really effected by this...just the smaller/mid-sized shops. That was true until last week when RED, after taunting the public with teasers, finally announced their new Scarlet model which shoots big-screen, cinema quality, footage and will cost just $2,500. Literally, a true game changer. I think it was on TechCrunch where they mentioned the absolute fear this must have stricken in Sony and Cannon, etc. There is just simply nothing that competes with it. And their catch-phrase that they 'render obsolescence obsolete' in that every part of the camera is modular and works with any new products they might develop, etc.

Also, check this video shot using a RED. Awesome.

new ferrari-f450-spied


vintage Minnesota Timberwolves, i want this!

Minnesota Timberwolves

this is really nice i wish i did it first! the-hundreds-spring-09-449/

just look at this living-room! guaruja-house-bernardes-jacobsen





Paul Smith launch their first sunglasses collection with Oakley for Spring/Summer 2009. The result is fresh and fun capsule collection of Frogskin frames in four striking colourways. With a distinct matt rubberised finish, the Oakley Frogskins were first released in 1986 and became a symbol of that decade’s surf and skate culture. The Paul Smith frames reflect their retro origins with their high-voltage colour - pink, purple, blue and an original camo design. The sunglasses are finished with gradient mirrored lenses. Only 500 pairs will be available and limited exclusively to be sold in Paul Smith shops.paul-smith-oakley-sunglasses-1paul-smith-oakley-sunglasses-1