Tuesday, May 12, 2009

kanye west knew exactly what he was doing every step of everyday.

These are pic's of dudes on the runway with KW/LV shoes - they start at 1100.00. To most people this would look like a no brainier for LV, however Very High-end fashion houses don't reach out to rappers - they don't need to.. In-fact it could hurt the brand if not done right. this co-lab was because he is a true tastemaker. But more Importantly KW forged a real friendship with Mark Jacobs - Creative Director of the prestigious French design house Louis Vuitton. Much like his relationship with "Hip Hop Since 1978" (HHS78) is a management/production company.

And through that real relationship, he was signed to Rocafella records.. I guess my point is god sometimes puts you in the right place at the right time, but you have to meet that fate with as much drive and planning and determination as you can.

true knitting needles, this was a gift from my head knitter. Ulli Marker ( 1 of the top 5 kniters in the USA, no joke.)

This is a pic of them in action, its a great honor for him to give me one of these. He has kept these needles for a very long time. The smaller one is one of the needles he learned how to knit on over 40 years ago - and if I was a rapper I would put it on a chain, and prob dip it in white gold.

thanks Ulli!

this is great - always make fun of yourself! you cant lose.

as bad as I hate to say it these new VV bags are killing it! I would have been crushing people in the airport with these!

Nor'easter ToteNor'Easter Duffle