Tuesday, November 10, 2009

G is good!

gotta get this, look at the K on the side!!!

Tim Biskup and Matt Goldman – I Hate Everyone But You (11.13)


Reebok Pump “Bringback” Edition 2009


Check out the new pictures we have of the Reebok Pump ‘Bringback Edition’, a more classic version of the recently revitalized Pump. Coming in either black or white colorways, these will be available at the 20 retailers that have participated in the Pump20 Collection. For even more personalization, the tag of each store’s Bringback will note that particular store on the tongue. via High Snobiety

The Hundreds Game Day Adam Bomb New Era Caps

The Hundreds Game Day New Era Caps

i need this.... bell & ross carbon fiber

Bell & Ross BR01-92 Carbon Fiber



A Drop of Water

Thousands of litres of water disappear via the rain pipe into the sewer during a rain shower. At the same time, an average household uses litres of drinking water to irrigate the garden. Bas van der Veer combined these two concepts in A drop of water: a rainwater butt with an integrated watering can. The light grey water butt is attached to the rain pipe, so during a rain shower the watering can is automatically filled. Once it is full, the rest of the water flows over into the water butt, so serving as a reservoir. “In this way, it is easier for the users to water their garden using rain water instead of drinking water from the tap.”


Dubarry Shamrock Boot (Brown Leather/Navy Cordura)

Dubarry Shamrock Boot (Brown Leather/Navy Cordura)

sicky atlantis jacket!