Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aurea by AMOR DE MAD

feed me - new joe ledbetter!!

four legged frog skins!!! yes.....

In a continuation of our look into the Nike Sportswear collection for this season as designed by NSW’s Tokyo design office, we’re met with a highlight of their Harrington-esque jacket. Combining technical breathable materials with a traditional format, the apparel takes on some interesting aesthetics. The jacket features a relatively classic aesthetic with unassuming technology while the ribbings offer some contrast with subtle sparkles. Available only at a handful of select Nike Sportswear flagship stores around the world

new Air max news!!


Greenhouse by Carl Verdickt

The Greenhouse - once a symbol of wealth and exclusivity back when it used to house the cucumbers for Emperor Tiberius’s table. Now, the once noble structure takes on a more humble form through Project ‘Greenhouse’.
Emerging amidst a myriad of Eco-homes, the ‘greenhouse’ stands out because of its affordability and heat trapping ability. The structure is framed by a ready-made steel structure and encased in an alternating series of super-insulating transparent glass and translucent polycarbonate plates. Extra insulation is also added at the back of the glass walls to shield certain areas of the house from the public eye. Through the clever use of the insulating glass, the same heating effect that is found in a real greenhouse is successfully mimicked. This occurs when heat from the sun’s rays passes through the glass walls and warms up the interior whilst the insulation in the glass prevents the heat from escaping.

COMME des GARCons!!!!

'08 Back Heart Print Tee in GRAY New released!
There's the Brand's Logo is printed in a front, and large Black Heart is designed on a back.
Enjoy your summer with this COMME des GARCONS new mode defferent than what it used to be!

new ATMOS!!

Kanye West X Louis Vuitton, I have known about this for a while, but these are the best pic's!!!

new official images of the collection of sneakers Louis Vuitton, with additional models and colors. It is about an effective collaboration between Kanye West and the mark of Louis Vuitton luxury. Launching as from June 2009.

Spectrus USB Hub

New concept of the studio Art Lebedev with this hub USB with the pleasant design. A peripheral which refers to the optical experiments directly carried out by Newton and according to which a ray of light crossing a prism out of spring in the shape of seven coloured rays.