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mark look a at P's hat..

new loopwheeler - 5-9-2010

KamofurajutotobakkuSweat camouflage capKamofurajunekkuuoma

kobold spirit of America.

Spirit of America 41Spirit of America 44
In time for its 10-year anniversary, the Kobold Watch Company launched its most significant contribution to American horology and its new flagship model: The Spirit of America Automatic.

Its origins are a nod to the esteemed history of American watchmaking. With over 87% of the watch manufactured in the United States, this timekeeper represents a bold return to U.S. wristwatch manufacturing.* The Spirit of America Automatic is the first Kobold to be designed, engineered, manufactured and assembled in the United States. Its distinctive Soarway case is entirely U.S.-made. Herein lies perhaps the biggest achievement of Kobold's unique and groundbreaking Made-in-USA project.

Not only is the well-known Soarway case, including its bezel, mid-case and caseback, manufactured in Pennsylvania. Even the crown, crown tube, lug bars and screws are American-made. The raw material from which each case component is milled is stainless steel. The signature domed sapphire crystal is also grown, cut and polished in the U.S. Hence, the Spirit of America Automatic's case is truly 100% U.S.-made.

In early 2006, Kobold committed itself to assembling all of its watches in the U.S. and in 2007 ventured to manufacture a timepiece that consists mainly of U.S.-made components. This strategy is a significant departure from the way in which other industry leaders in the high-end watch segment produce their watches. However, not all components of the Spirit of America Automatic are American-made.

Aston Martin x Kobe Bryant x Nike - wow!