Monday, May 4, 2009

This is the LV idea jack move they did to me..

However they cant get my tubes, cause you only get the tubes when you knit. And nobody knits and handles the finishes product..

Good job Polo!

This is a circular knit terry cloth sweatshirt. You never see stuff like this. Its big in Europe but very rare over here. Its breathable and holds its shape great. But monkey see monkey do, = nobody makes it... So good job Ralph!

LV took my idea and made it better.

No great idea is original, for the fold I wanted to showcase the product in old cotton crates.. LV did it a little nicer.

"back of the neck" tag ideas. work in progress.

sweet and savory! Wrightsville beach NC

You can enjoy some of the finest local food at Sweet and Savory. Not only does Sweet and Savory serve breakfast, lunch and dinner - but it has an authentic, operating bakery. The bakery produces daily homemade breads, muffins, pastries and the best desserts in Wilmington!

This place is no joke!

We here at the fold, have watched this place grow from a small bakery, to a spot you can barely get into.

congratulations, on the expansion guys.