Monday, May 11, 2009

the same t-shirt can be worthless and priceless.... i understand this now - after a yard-sale i just had at my parents house.

 Part of our backstage tour included the jockeys dressing room. Pretty cool stuff.

I have seen people stand in a line of 500+ people; for a chance at a promo VV T-shirt. I have also sold that same shirt at a yard sale for .50 cent. I have seen "Supreme" t-shirts sale for 50.00 at a NYC flagship store; and then I have been to the factory that helped them get started,in Lamar S.C. ( that they later, left to out-source in china) sale a prototype t-shirt for $4.00. I have seen people stand online for one hour or more for a free spring break promo t-shirt - that I could not give away later.

Its all value added, and perception!! - A good Louis Vuitton T-shirt is around 800.00, but why is that?

Authentic Louis Vuitton Graffiti Large T-shirt WhiteAuthentic Louis Vuitton Graffiti Large T-shirt White

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